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DSC_2552“Sometimes, music can express what we can’t through words”

This is the philosophy that Woof lives by as both a DJ and a producer. From a young age, Woof always had an feverish love fro anything that had to do with music of some kind. Whether it was standing in front of a radio for hours recording mixtapes for friends & family or spending his last cent on records to feed his addiction. From a young age, he knew this is what he wanted to make out of his life but, it wasn’t until the age of 16 when he discoered turntables that this dream came to life.

Since that discover, Woof has spent years perfecting his craft and it has led to some great results. From opening events for big name acts like Lloyd Banks, Danny Brown, The Clipse or Perry Ferrel (Jane’s Addiction) at Lollapalooza 2009, to spinning and NYC’s top night clubs and lounges, Woof’s only philosophy behind the turntables is to keep the party rockin’!

Contact Information

Email : djwoof68@gmail.com

Twitter : @DJWoof







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